Professional Development Event #3


Here is a link to my third professional development event video.  I attended the Women in Business Presenting Opportunities for Women Conference.  Click on the link to learn more!


Professional Development Event 1

I attended a Study Abroad Information Session for my first Professional Development Track I event.  The information session featured Liz Campanella from the Office of International Studies and Prof. Ken Taylor from the Center for Global Leadership speaking about the various study abroad programs available to VSB students.  The information session took place on September 24th, and it was open to all VSB students.  

The information session outlined, first, the requirements for studying abroad during the semester as a Villanova School of Business student.  Requirements included maintaining a certain GPA, and have a good disciplinary record.  The program then went on to describe the various summer programs available through the Business School.  The events range in length and take students to various places around the world, such as Shanghai, China, and Rome, Italy.  All but one of the summer programs offer an internship along with courses taken abroad.  One in Madrid, Spain also offers a team project where students collaborate on a real world problem facing a specific company and try to figure out a solution for their group’s specific issue.  

The event, in my opinion, was extremely informative and interesting.  I found myself engaged by each speaker, and I left with a deeper desire to study abroad.  I thought both speakers were great.  They were funny and very well informed about their specific programs.  Prof. Taylor, who spoke about the summer programs, was particularly interesting to listen to because he, personally, is the faculty member who travels with the students to Madrid and teaches a course there.  Overall, the information session was a great way to learn more about the Study Abroad programs available to me as a VSB student, and it made me more aware of the various opportunities available in a study abroad program.